About James H. Seward

When I was a little boy I used to look at pieces of material and try to envision what was hidden inside. With a sculptor s first and favorite tool, a pocketknife, I tried to release these things from their bonds, with varying degrees of success. Constantly experimenting with new materials, given time and experience, I brought these things to life. After exhausting many pocket knives and home made tools, and finally moving from Minnesota (a veritable wasteland for sculptors) I discovered many sources of help and inspiration. I finally found a school that could teach the techniques of sculpture in Washington State where I lived and worked most of my adult life. My medium of choice is the lost wax process for bronze sculpture. I learned this process at the Powell Bronze Foundry in Kalispell, Montana.

Opening a bronze casting foundry in 1978 was the pivotal point from amateur enthusiasm to professional reality. Building the foundry to 10 full time employees, I cast bronze sculptures for artists from North Carolina to Anchorage, Alaska for the next ten years. I also cast my own sculpture. I exhibited works in Washington, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Oregon and California.

I received the award of Second Place in the over-all Sculpture Category at the 1980 Belleview Art Fair. I have also received miscellaneous other awards and ribbons at art exhibits through the years. I have chosen classic subject matter as my venue of expression and have largely concentrated on works of the female nude.

I left Washington in 1995. With sojourns back in Minnesota and in Wyoming, I moved to Billings, Montana in 2003. I now teach sculpture for the YMCA Poets on the Prairie Program and have begun learning to paint in watercolors and oils as well as doing sculpture. My wife, Mana and I are combining our talents in exhibiting our work together.

I always look at my work with amazement and amusement. I am amazed at what the small boy with the pocketknife has accomplished when I look at the sculpture on the stand. And the arts never cease to thrill and captivate me. I thoroughly delight in teaching young people the techniques and skills that I sought so fervently as a youth.