“Out of Africa”


Poised  on the highlands of northern Ethiopia this

group of early humans view the Red Sea, the Sinai

Peninsula and beyond to Europe.


New research has it that we humans bought every

myth,  the roots of our religions, our rituals and the

many of the symbols which illustrate them along

with us when we exited Africa (our birthplace as a

species) 70 to 40 thousand years ago.  A tracing of

the myths by author and Harvard professor,

  1. J. Michael Witzel in his 2012 book, “The Origins

of the World’s Mythologies” is food for thought about

who we really are and where it all came from.


“Out of  Africa”  36″x 36″      Painting is for sale.  Prints are available

12″x 12″  #1448   $30.00       16″x16″  #1448B   $50.00

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If you are intersted in purchasing a painting please contact Mana.